Tarna Klitzner 
Landscape Architects

TKLA is a landscape architecture studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our scope of works includes public, community, and private projects.

TKLA creates site-specific landscapes that meet client briefs while simultaneously addressing social, spatial, and environmental concerns.

TKLA leans into complexity and multiplicity to find forms and configurations that are resilient and generous.  We celebrate context, choosing to build with materials salvaged from site and embrace community in making and building. The resulting interventions are deeply embedded in their environments and celebrated as daily spaces in the lives of their users.

TKLA demands good city-making. We defend trees, advocate for cyclists, cheer for a woonerf and fight for stormwater. We push back against the tired ‘nice-to-have’ rhetoric and believe in landscape architecture as an indispensable tool for innovative spatial transformation.

TKLA prides itself in being multitalented and multiscalar. It is our goal to make spaces that are a catalyst for joy, curiosity, contemplation, and care.

TKLA believes that process is fundamental and worth celebrating. We also believe it is important to recognise the magnitude of work that precedes a project’s completion. For this reason we have tried to include construction photos of each built project. We are grateful to all those involved in this process and to the construction teams that have made these projects a reality.
Tarna Klitzner Landscape Architects

130 Campground Road
Cape Town
South Africa



+27 21 686 2917

Tarna Klitzner, the head Landscape Architect and company founder, lectures at the University of Cape Town where she has been engaged as a part time lecturer in the Planning, Landscape Architecture and Architecture Departments since 1992. Tarna has presented the projects found on this website at the Universities of Pennsylvania, Washington, New South Wales, and Cape Town.

Tarna graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia—where she studied under Ian McHarg, James Corner, and Anne Whiston Spirn—with a Master of Landscape Architecture in 1991. She also holds a BA Architecture Degree from the University of Cape Town, completed in 1985.

If you’d like to connect with TKLA regarding a potential new project, please get in touch with us.

TKLA is and has been
Tarna Klitzner 1998 - present
Samkelo Tshungu 2022 - present
Hayden Malan 2021 - present
Buhle Zokwe 2022 - 2022
Josie Dalberg 2020 - 2022
Jessica Metcalfe 2019-2020
Eva Nemcova 2015-2019
Tessa Toerien 2017-2018
Katy Rennie 2017-2017
Ankia Bormans 2010-2012
Charlotta van Zyl 2010-2011 
Cor Nepgen 2011-2011